Complete Package

Referrals to Medical & Birth Professionals (Midwives, Doula’s, Chiropractors etc) and Trimester Checker

This is free to all our clients regardless of the service plan they choose. If you have decided what kind of birth you would like to have, we then refer you to specialists in your chosen birth field e.g centers with water birthing facilities, certified home birth doula’s etc. We will also provide you with a trimester checker to help you stay organized and on top of all your pregnancy related priorities. For clients who choose the Complete Package, your consultant will manage the trimester checker for you.

Gear Consulting & Customized Baby Registry

Your consultant will provide you with as much information as possible to enable you to make informed decisions regarding which baby gear is safest for baby and best suits your lifestyle, budget and aesthetic. From there you will work together to create your custom registry for your baby shower or for your personal shopping.

Multiples Preparation

We recognize that parents expecting multiples may require an additional level of support that is unique to their situation. For this reason, this service is always delivered by a consultant who has experience with multiples herself. She will talk you through some multiples specific baby gear for your consideration as well as scheduling and organizational needs specific to multiples. She will also help you frame some realistic expectations for the first few weeks at home with the babies as well as address any fears and concerns you may be having.

Personal Shopping

If you do not have time to purchase all of baby’s gear yourself, your consultant will purchase on your behalf according to the custom registry you created together. If you would like to wait until after the baby shower, then your consultant will only do the purchasing of items remaining on your registry after the shower.

Baby Gear Delivery and Assembly

Once all the baby gear has been purchased, we will deliver and assemble it for you at your primary home. Items that require assembly may include but are not limited to bedside sleeper, cot, compactum, wardrobe, stroller etc. Your consultant will also show you how to use each item properly and safely, as you need her to.

Complete Nursery Preparation (Design, Décor, Stocking and Organization)

This service aims to create not only a beautiful space that baby will enjoy and grow with but also nurture a seamless flow of baby care to support you in meeting baby’s needs quickly and easily. All items in baby’s layette will be hand washed (to avoid residue from bio detergents which may be present in the drum cartridge of a washing machine from rubbing off onto baby’s clothes, and irritating their sensitive skin). Your consultant will deliver them to your home washed and ironed and then organize and pack them away. We aim for every nursery we design to be a peaceful place that will nurture safe sleep for baby as well as stimulate him/her when appropriate.

Hospital Preparations and Packing

Depending on the type of birth you have chosen (i.e cesarean delivery, VBAC, hospital vaginal delivery or birth center delivery) your consultant will organize for the tour of your birthing facility (this will be a group tour, not private). She will then pack your hospital bag and deliver it together with your supplies for postpartum healing.

Birth Announcements

This is a free service, available only to clients who choose to use one of our concierge partners for their birth photography. A text or email will be sent out within 48hrs of delivery (free for up to 10 friends or family members) to announce the arrival of your baby.

24/7 New Parent Support

This is a free service available only to clients who choose our Complete Package. Your personal consultant will be available 24/7 on the phone or by email to answer any questions or concerns for up to 2 weeks after delivery. Thereafter, your consultant will be available during our normal office hours (9am- 5pm)

Establishing Your Routine and Preparing to Return to Work

This is a practical baby-life balance service we offer clients between 8- 20 weeks postpartum. Your consultant will work with you and guide you on how to create manageable goals for your family around baby’s feeding and napping times. This service is also a guide on how to gently introduce sleep training for clients who prefer to have a structured schedule for baby as they prepare to return to work from maternity leave.

Travel Service

We are happy to work with clients all over Southern Africa. For clients outside Johannesburg, we charge a travel fee which is inclusive of hotel and airfare. Each trip is quoted based on the time of year as well as clients location. Contact us for detailed rates.

All clients who choose our Complete Package get to work with concierge partners from our portfolio. These are excellent individuals and businesses who provide additional pre- and post- partum support to our clients as and when they need. We also manage the pre-interviews and the initial scheduling of these services on behalf of our Complete Package clients. Charges for services rendered by these partners are paid for directly to the concierge partner.

Private (in- home) Birth Classes

This is a class for you and your primary birth partner (usually spouse, parent, sibling or friend) to talk to a professional birth educator. She will prepare you both for the delivery day. This is usually especially helpful to the birth partner, as he/she will learn how to support the laboring mother adequately.

Private (in-home) Pre and Post Natal Yoga and/or Exercise

Moderate exercise during pregnancy is safe and healthy as long as your doctor has confirmed that there are no complications that would otherwise make it unsafe. Exercise can also help to alleviate some pregnancy symptoms that would otherwise cause discomfort. However, if you are too busy to go to the gym, your consultant can arrange for a Yoga and/or Pilates instructor to come to you at times that suit you best. This can be arranged while you are pregnant or during the postnatal period.

Baby Shower Preparation and Event Planning

If you are planning your own baby shower, your consultant can refer you to some event planners to take care of the logistics of the shower. This will take the stress off you and allow you to focus on enjoying the day with family and friends.

Private (in- home) Infant/ Child CPR

This course equips you and any other caregivers on how to handle emergency situations such as choking, convulsions and allergic reactions. It can be attended by up to 6 members of the family in the privacy of your home.

Private (in-home) Spa Services (Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Facials etc)

The first few weeks with a newborn can be hectic leaving little or no time for self-care especially if you are not yet ready to leave the house without baby. For this reason, if you are in need of basic spa services, your consultant can arrange for a therapist to come to you and cater to your needs as you desire.

Night Nanny

Night feeds can be exhausting in the beginning. If you need a break once in a while and want a full nights sleep, your consultant can arrange for a night nanny to use as and when you need. The night nanny will see to all baby’s needs throughout the night, allowing you to rest and recharge.

Photography and/or Videography (Maternity, Birth and/or Infant)

For clients who wish to use a professional photographer for their maternity, birth and/or infant pictures, your consultant will refer you to a few to choose from. Clients who wish to have their birth photographed by one of our concierge photographers can also take advantage of our birth announcement service for free.

Private (in-home) Lactation Support

This is for clients who choose to breastfeed and need a little extra help and support. Your consultant will arrange for a lactation consultant to give you the needed support in the comfort of your home.

Infant Massage

Infant massage can be a great way to interact and bond with baby. However, if baby has any underlying health issues its important to get a doctors approval before attempting massage. Private lessons can be arranged for clients who want to learn the art of this soothing therapy.

What People Are Saying

Your approach is fantastic

We are so thankful to have walked this journey with you Zee. Your approach is fantastic and we have really appreciated your support.

Tshepiso (Mom to Lilitha)

Thank you so much for helping us

I wanted to thank you so much for helping us get to this stage Zee. I never imagined myself as one of those mommies that can get a full nights sleep. Thank you for being patient with us.

Sinesipho (Mom to Lethlogonolo)

Thank you Zee

Thank you Zee. You make everything better when it comes to all things baby. You have honestly been amazing for a mom who needs structure.

Bonolo (Mom to Kabo)

You held my hand through the ups and downs

Thank you is not enough for all your guidance and support to this new mom. You held my hand through the ups and downs of helping our little girl develop a good and healthy sleeping pattern. At no point did I feel forced to introduce a stage I wasn’t comfortable with. You accommodated both my daughter and I during the process. She is sleeping in her room consistently and comfortably throughout the night. We have well rested adults in our home. With routine, I can balance being a full time working mom and studying. Thank you so much Zee.

Chipo (Mom to Matida)

Im so grateful

Zee, you have such a wealth of knowledge regarding everything babies. On top of helping us with Joey’s routine, you helped us get through his first flu, weaning him off breast and getting him on formula. Im so grateful to have crossed paths with you.

Tshepi (Mom to Joey)

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for the past 6 weeks Zee. I really don’t know how I would have gotten through the first weeks of life without you. You have been a great sounding board and counsellor to baby and I. you saved me and made me enjoy motherhood so much. Literally. And I’ll never stop thanking you for handling us with so much care, not once imposing , ever so understanding and available beyond the call of duty.

Karabo (Mom to Zungi)

Now that Kagi is sleeping through the night

Zee honestly I don’t know how to thank you. Before we started on this journey, Kagi’s sleep patterns honestly used to frustrate me. But after we started working with you I started feeling better from just being able to tell you how awful my night went. You became my support structure and made this journey very easy by holding my hand throughout and for that Im forever grateful. Now that Kagi is sleeping through the night, Im the happiest mommy!

Charlotte (Mom to Kagi)

Thank you so much Zee

Thank you so much Zee, you are honestly the best. Esi slept through for the first time ever!

Buli (Mom to Esi)

Helped us a lot Zee

You have helped us a lot Zee. We are so grateful that Ledi firstly is sleeping in her own room and secondly that she can now sleep unassisted. We wish we had done this sooner.

Phindi (Mom to Ledi)

Thank you so much Zee

Thank you so much Zee for all your help. Claire has been sleeping through the night. I can’t believe it, I keep checking my phone!

Taffy (Mom to Claire)

Thank you Zee

Thank you Zee. You don’t know how much your positive mindset, advice and shoulder to lean on helps me! You are like the sister, friend and counsellor that every mom needs. You are so appreciated.

Nazz (Mom to Mizan)

Thank you

Zee, I just want to thank you for what you are doing in our lives as mothers. I have seen so much progress in Litha’s sleep patterns. I used to be very tired and grumpy because of sleep deprivation but not anymore. Im so happy that she doesn’t require rocking anymore to get her to sleep.

Lwando (Mom to Litha)