Additional Corporate Services

Lactation Rooms

We love ensuring that mothers return to work happy, healthy and fully supported. For this reason, we also design and set up lactation rooms to allow mothers to still fulfill their feeding obligations while present at the office. Depending on the space we are given to work with, these rooms are ideally designed to support mothers right from pregnancy, empowering them to take care of themselves and their babies without sacrificing their career goals. We take great care to ensure that each room we design and set up is well furnished, comfortable and practical, supplying mothers with the space they need to pump in peace.

Corporate Gifting

This service is free for corporate clients who take up our Complete Package on behalf of their employees. We provide a curated assortment of helpful and fun gifts appropriate to give to new or expecting parents. The expecting mother will receive her first box when she leaves for her maternity and another box when she returns to work. The mother’s box includes intimate, feminine products that will be helpful to the new mom.

To acknowledge a new father’s role, he also receives one box when he returns to work from paternity leave with specialty products tailored to new dads. The contents of the boxes change periodically as we keep up to date with new trends and products.

For a separate charge, we also put together similar boxes with specialty gifts for Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

What People Are Saying

Your approach is fantastic

We are so thankful to have walked this journey with you Zee. Your approach is fantastic and we have really appreciated your support.

Tshepiso (Mom to Lilitha)

Thank you so much for helping us

I wanted to thank you so much for helping us get to this stage Zee. I never imagined myself as one of those mommies that can get a full nights sleep. Thank you for being patient with us.

Sinesipho (Mom to Lethlogonolo)

Thank you Zee

Thank you Zee. You make everything better when it comes to all things baby. You have honestly been amazing for a mom who needs structure.

Bonolo (Mom to Kabo)

You held my hand through the ups and downs

Thank you is not enough for all your guidance and support to this new mom. You held my hand through the ups and downs of helping our little girl develop a good and healthy sleeping pattern. At no point did I feel forced to introduce a stage I wasn’t comfortable with. You accommodated both my daughter and I during the process. She is sleeping in her room consistently and comfortably throughout the night. We have well rested adults in our home. With routine, I can balance being a full time working mom and studying. Thank you so much Zee.

Chipo (Mom to Matida)

Im so grateful

Zee, you have such a wealth of knowledge regarding everything babies. On top of helping us with Joey’s routine, you helped us get through his first flu, weaning him off breast and getting him on formula. Im so grateful to have crossed paths with you.

Tshepi (Mom to Joey)

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for the past 6 weeks Zee. I really don’t know how I would have gotten through the first weeks of life without you. You have been a great sounding board and counsellor to baby and I. you saved me and made me enjoy motherhood so much. Literally. And I’ll never stop thanking you for handling us with so much care, not once imposing , ever so understanding and available beyond the call of duty.

Karabo (Mom to Zungi)

Now that Kagi is sleeping through the night

Zee honestly I don’t know how to thank you. Before we started on this journey, Kagi’s sleep patterns honestly used to frustrate me. But after we started working with you I started feeling better from just being able to tell you how awful my night went. You became my support structure and made this journey very easy by holding my hand throughout and for that Im forever grateful. Now that Kagi is sleeping through the night, Im the happiest mommy!

Charlotte (Mom to Kagi)

Thank you so much Zee

Thank you so much Zee, you are honestly the best. Esi slept through for the first time ever!

Buli (Mom to Esi)

Helped us a lot Zee

You have helped us a lot Zee. We are so grateful that Ledi firstly is sleeping in her own room and secondly that she can now sleep unassisted. We wish we had done this sooner.

Phindi (Mom to Ledi)

Thank you so much Zee

Thank you so much Zee for all your help. Claire has been sleeping through the night. I can’t believe it, I keep checking my phone!

Taffy (Mom to Claire)

Thank you Zee

Thank you Zee. You don’t know how much your positive mindset, advice and shoulder to lean on helps me! You are like the sister, friend and counsellor that every mom needs. You are so appreciated.

Nazz (Mom to Mizan)

Thank you

Zee, I just want to thank you for what you are doing in our lives as mothers. I have seen so much progress in Litha’s sleep patterns. I used to be very tired and grumpy because of sleep deprivation but not anymore. Im so happy that she doesn’t require rocking anymore to get her to sleep.

Lwando (Mom to Litha)